In Memoriam


In memoriam Bella van de Karthuizer Valley

December 26th, 1999                                                                  July 29th, 2014

This morning we have made the sad decision to say goodbye to our beloved Bella. The last few days she had serious problems with her intestines. With all the good care and a lot of medication the problems did not diminish at all. Prognosis were very bad in view of her age also. Out of respect for Bella we have decided to let her go. She had a wonderful life with us. This afternoon we will bury her at Klaverweiden in Hoevelaken (Netherlands) together with her great friend Fleurtje, who died 9 months earlier.

We will always remember the numerous happy moments we enjoyed with Bella in Holland and in France. The plentyful adventures and walks, her fancies, but allways committed, enthusiastic, gay and a social and gentle nature. She had the talent to bring up both Fleurtje and Jolie in her very own and unique manner.

Bella thank you for all the love you gave us. We will miss you increadibly.


Henk Buurman & Judith de Pagter



In Memoriam Fleurtje

January 19th, 2002                                                              November 25th, 2013

Last Monday we had to dicide to say goodbye to our beloved and brave Labrador Fleurtje. After September 2013 we knew she had stomach cancer. Medication did not achieve the breakthrough we searched for. On monday morning she let us know that she did not wanted to struggle any more and we decided to euthanise. Today we have burried her at a special graveyard for animals in Klaverweiden (Hoevelaken, Netherlands).Fleur was in all aspects a very special dog: introverted, stubborn, fond of working with and chasing game. Dummies were so dull!Fleur we have enjoyed your company and you will allways be in our memory. Bella & Jolie will miss you too.

Henk Buurman & Judith de Pagter

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