Health and Pedegree

This survey includes the health results and pedegree of Jolie and Isimo.

Health and Pedegree

Health Results Isimo Jolie
Hips (HD) A A norberg 40
Elbows (ED) Free Free
Eyes Free Free
optigen-PRA Clear Clear by parents
ECI Clear Clear by parents
CNM Clear Clear by parents
RD-OSD Clear Clear by parents
SD2 Clear
HNPK Clear
Willing’s Boarbusters Isimo Lochiness Green ChveHD A, ED free, eyes free,  PRA, EIC, CNM clear Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead HD 0/0, ED 0/0, eyes free,  PRA, CNM Clear
Greenbriar Beret HD 4/5, ED 0/0, eyes free, PRA clear
Willing’s Boarbusters Emma Lucy HD A1, ED Free, eyes free, PRA, CNM clear Thea’s Thunder HD C, ED free, eyes free, PRA clear
Emmi Aus der Deller Heide HD, A2, ED free, eyes free, PRA clear
Rovershome Jolie Brave Abbotsross Mayo HD A, ED free, eyes free, PRA, EIC, CNM RD-OSD clear Abbotsross Oak HD A, ED free, eyes free
Astraglenn Kacey HD B, ED free, eyes free
Rovershome Black Grouse HD A, ED free, eyes free, PRA, EIC, CNM RD-OSD clear Abbotsross Tosh HD A, ED free, eyes free
Changarrilyn Chiana HD A, ED free

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