Information about the dogs

About Jolie (August 16th, 2011):

Jolie has grown into a steady dog with a golden character. After her daily strolling through the woods and her regular training, she is a quiet social companion at home, adorable and affectionate. Visitors are greated friendly. She takes her moments of rest but she can enjoy herself at home also. It is great to go outdoors with her. She jumps in the fields like a deer with lots of energy and speed. She loves water and she has a great will to please. There has not been a day without having pleasure in working together. We laugh a lot beacause of her funny and cheerful attitude. She has a good memory and is very intelligent, curious, studious and persistant. She fills in situations easily which demands fine teaching skills to train her well. In searching she works indepentenly till she finds what she is asked to look for. She barks rarely. Jolie has the looks of a young dog, but her height is 57 cm and she weighes 24 kg!

About Isimo (May 24th, 2011):

Isimo is a very friendly dog with a great will to please and a passion for working. He has good concentration, is able to work independently but also tolerates a helping hand. At home he is a friendly and quiet housemate who welcomes visitors with a little distance. He takes his moments of rest, but he lives in a pack without problems. Outside he shows his temperament, but he is allways in control. It is great to see him working. Allways with passion whether for dummies or game.

Isimo is a beautiful mixture of qualities with a great will to please, persistant in search of the dummy. His sensibility enables him to act very quickly to the whistle-signal and he is an eager learner. In addition great confidence in his master and always pleased to accomplish the mission!

For more information, look at the website of Isimo (

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