• Isimo – Jolie (24-9-2014)

  • Jolie in training juni 2014


Jolies Pride is a young Dutch dog kennelname (official registration on September 5, 2014) referring to our fieldtrial Labrador Rovershome Jolie Brave. Look for more information at the page under DOGS and on the internet at www.rovershome.nl

Jolie, born on August 16th 2011, will be in heat in December 2014. She will mate with Willing’s Boarbusters Isimo. Look for more information at www.allmypassion.de

For more information or a place on the waitinglist, please contact us. Information you will find at page CONTACT.

Information about the owner of Jolie

My name is Judith de Pagter and since October 2011 the proud owner of Rovershome Jolie Brave breeded from Rovershome Black Grouse (Blacky) of Eline Kommers and Abbotsross Mayo (Moose) of Koos Kommers (who sadly passed away so early on October 11th, 2013). I was on the waitinglist of the Kommers family for two years till Jolie was born! It was a great wish of mine to work with a real fieldtrial labrador. Jolie turned out to be a beautiful and talented working dog. See DOGS for her character description.

We bought our first Labrador Bella of the Karthuizer Valley in Olland (in the south of Holland). We contacted the Dutch Labrador Society but it turned out to be a 9 months waitinglist. Bella was a Labrador with a golden character! Very social, little bit stubborn, inquisitive. We got our grades in pupppy and young dog training, but we wanted to learn more together. The Dutch Labrador Society encouraged us to take up gundog training. There I enjoyed working with my dog so much that it became my passion.

 Unfortunately it appeared that Bella’s health was not good enough to breed with her. That is the reason why we have stopped gundogtraining at the age of 3,5 because it was physically too hard for her. Together with our veterinarian we decided to help her pass away on July 29th 2014, at the age of 14 and 7 months. See for more information: IN MEMORIAM.

In the spring of 2002 Fleurtje came into our pack. She was a black Labrador breeded with approval of the Dutch Labrador Society by Schieven familiy in Rathum (Netherlands). Fleurtje was the perfect playmate for Bella who took care of her like her own puppy. With the health of Fleurtje we had also bad luck. At the age of 3,5 she appeared to have Hipp Dysplasia and arthrosis. On veterinarians orders we gave her good medication the rest of her life. Still, we have trained with her till the age of 9,5! Fleurtje was as a little puppy not interested at all in dummies, but only in game. We obtained our first B-gundog diploma at the age of 7. We were so proud together! Unfortunately we had to euthanise her on November 25th 2013 at the age of 11 and 10 months because of stomach cancer with metastasis to her intestines at. See for more information: IN MEMORIAM.

All photos at this website are made by my partner Henk Buurman.